Mac Hard Disk Recovery

Restore Deleted Docs on Mac OS X

The most widespread way to lose a file on Mac OS X is by accidentally deleting it. You will be worried particularly if it is an Office documents that are related to your business or project that get unintensionally deleted from your Mac system. Imagine a situation where, you have created plenty of documents and presentations for your project, which you need to submit to your boss the next day. While creating the Office files, you might have created some doc files that you want to delete it from the Terminal as it directly deletes the files from computer without moving it to the Trash. So, you simply open the Terminal and typed the “rm” command and dragged the file to the Terminal. As soon as you drag and press the return key, your file gets deleted from the system by its own. Later while assembling the project in a proper manner, you learn that one important Official Word document is missing!!!! You reallize that you deleted the important doc file instead of other unimportant file!!! What would you do now??? How to retrieve deleted documents on Mac??

Don’t Panic!!! The doc file which you have deleted from Terminal just bypasses the Trash but, it does not get permanently deleted from your Mac computer. The directory structure deletes the only link that is used to point at the physical address of that particular file but the original file still exists in the same location. Henceforth, if you copy or save any new file on that HDD partition, then the already existing file faces a chance of being overwritten by new file especially when you're running the system with low disk storage capacity. This may result in permanent loss of Office files. Therefore, stop using the drive and make use of professional and powerful Mac hard disk recovery software to recover deleted documents from Mac OS X.

Some of the main reasons which can be held responsible for the document deletion on Mac OS X are mentioned below:

  • Accidental Deletion: You might accidently delete files by emptying the trash bin on Mac OS X. Sometimes while deleting unwanted files from your system hard drive you might accidentally delete some important documents.
  • Data files deleted due to usage of third party tool: When unauthenticated and insecure third party application is being run on the Macx machine, malfunctioning of these applications or programs could also lead to loss or deletion of precious files.
  • Improper shutdown of computer: Make sure that you have closed all your programs before shutting down your Mac computer. As improper shutdown of your system can result in loss of files too.

Even though the files are deleted from the system intentionally or unintensionally, they never get deleted from the storage device, they remain there until its overwritten by newly saved files, only the allocation information of files gets deleted making the files inaccessible.

Hence its always necessary that you take a regular backup of files after every update so that an extra copy of file is available whenever you lose any important files from your Macintosh systme. In case you have forgotten to take backup and you lost the files, then Mac HDD recovery tool is always there to help you out.

If you don’t have backup then no need to worry because, Mac HDD recovery software helps you to restore deleted documents from Mac OS until and unless the data has not been overwritten. You can use this advanced utility to restore Mac external hard drive files after formatting or reformatting. Hence, neither save or copy any new data files onto the disk drive from where you have imprudently deleted files. HFSX, HFS+, FAT16 and FAT32 are the different types of file systems that are supported by this application. It can also recover files from formatted disk on Snow Leopard, Leopard, or Lion with an ease.

You need to follow below mentioned steps to recover deleted documents from Mac OS X:

Step 1: Download and install Mac Hard Disk Recovery program on a healthy Macintosh machine. Open the software to launch its main window as shown in figure A. Select "Recover Files" option to restore deleted documents on Mac HDD.

Recover Files after Mac OSX Crashes - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: After selecting "Recover Files" option from the first sceen, it leads you to the second screen shot. Select "Recover Deleted Files" option and proceed. Then select the Mac hard drive and press "Next" to start file recovery procedure as shown in figure B.

Recover Files after Mac OSX Crashes - Select Hard Drive

Figure B: Select Hard Drive

Step 3: After successful scan, software will show you a list of recovered doc files as shown in figure C. Lastly, save the recovered documents and folders to your desired storage location.

Recover Files after Mac OSX Crashes - List of Recovered Data

Figure C: List of Recovered Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users