Mac Hard Disk Recovery

How to Retrieve Data from Corrupted Hard Disk?

Is your Mac running extremely slower? Are you seeing the error like “This volume hard drive was found corrupt and needs to be repaired” upon computer startup that will not let you to access data from Mac volumes? You might also facing other issues with your Mac hard drive such as slow access time, disappearing or missing files, error messages, incomprehensible file names, freezes and other undesirable behavior. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, then you are likely to expect a loss of precious data as a result of Mac hard drive corruption. Hard drive corruption could be very troublesome as data can go missing from Mac hard drive or hard drive may no longer boot at all….. Hard drive cannot be accessed normally by Mac computer, So how to retrieve data from corrupted hard disk volumes….?

In such cases, opting for special software may help retrieve data from corrupted hard drive on Mac? If you are not aware about Mac hard drive data recovery, then read on this page. Here is a wonderful Mac hard drive recovery software, which is specially designed to recover hard drive on Mac system to get back lost, missing or corrupt data in a safer way. Sometimes, the hard drive is so severely damaged that only professional data recovery software like Mac hard drive recovery can retrieve its data without facing any problems. This corrupted hard drive data recovery tool is regarded as one of the best HDD data recovery software to recover data from corrupt hard drive on Mac computers installed with OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems. Data recovery from external hard disk on Mac machine is also possible by employing this tool.

What are the causes behind the corruption of hard disk drive on a Mac computer?

  • Corruption of hard drive file system due to incorrect data operations, bad formatting, reformatting, unsafe unplug from the system, etc. It recover data from corrupt hard drive only in few steps.
  • Re-partitioning the hard drive using Disk Utility application to expand or shrink existing Mac volumes without having proper technical knowledge can lead to corruption of Mac hard drive
  • Corruption of Apple Partition Map could erase log files to a specific volume/partition resulting in corruption of Mac volumes
  • Hardware conflicts or damaged RAM could likely to cause the corruption of the hard drive or its volumes on Mac computers
  • Journal file corruption or sudden rebooting of Mac hard drive might also result in the deletion of system files and causes the corruption of Mac hard drive. At this situation corrupted hard drive data recovery is quite complicated.
  • Incorrect Mac OS X installation, sudden power surges, abrupt system shutdown, bad sectors and other logical problems

What next???

Entire data files and folders saved on Mac hard drive becomes inaccessible when the Mac hard drive gets corrupted. Therefore it's good practice to backup the complete hard drive data onto some other external storage drive soon you see the first symptoms of hard drive corruption. However, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a backup copy!!! You have expert Mac hard drive recovery utility to recover data from corrupt hard drive on Mac OS X system with ease. But you have to stop using your corrupted Mac hard drive for carryout further activities, remove it safely from Mac system and connect it as a slave to another Mac computer, which is in good working state.

Want know how to retrieve data from corrupted hard disk using this tool? and how this tool actually works? Then first download and install the trial version of Mac hard drive recovery software and follow few simple on screen instructions as shown by its user interface. In a short period of time, you can see your valuable data in front of your eyes in a Mac finder styled interface (under hierarchical tree structure). If you are happy with the results, then go ahead for buying the licensed version of Mac hard drive recovery software to save the recovered files. If you want to retrieve data from dead Mac hard drive, then just follow this link:

What are the advantages of using Mac hard drive recovery utility?

  • It uses powerful drive scanning engine to locate and restore around 300 different file types from corrupted hard drive using their unique file extensions.
  • You can comfortably make use of this excellent Mac HDD recovery tool to restore deleted documents on Mac and also it can retrieve variety of files like photos, videos, audio tracks, games, emails, archives and other data without causing any damage to them.
  • This application can be used to effectively restore files from formatted disk on Snow Leopard Mac machine to retrieve lost files after accidental or intentional formatting.
  • The Mac HDD recovery software supports recovery of files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes and is capable of recovering data from Mac machines working on Intel as well as PowerPC platforms. If HFS partition of your Mac PC has been damaged and you want to recover data from damaged HFS partition, then just click over here:
  • You will be able to get back data from emptied Mac Trash or from missing/deleted Mac volumes and recovered files can be arranged on the basis of name, size, date and file type.
  • Other than corruption, it can be used for recovering files from crashed Mac OS X computer or unbootable Mac hard drive.
  • In addition to Mac hard drives, you can even recover files from flash memory cards, USB external drives, FireWire Drives and iPods on Macintosh computers in a reliable way.

Steps to retrieve data from corrupted hard disk on Mac?

Step 1: Download and install Mac Hard Drive Recovery software on your Macintosh computer. Launch the software to open its main screen as shown in fig 1.

How to Retrieve Data from Corrupted Hard Disk - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On main screen of the software, select "Recover Volumes / Drives", then select "Volumes Recovery" on the new screen. Now select the corrupted Mac volume and press "Next" to start the data recovery procedure as shown in fig 2.

How to Retrieve Data from Corrupted Hard Disk - Select Volume

Fig 2: Select Volume

Step 3: Check the recovered files in "File Type View" as shown in fig 3. At last, save them on a removable storage drive.

How to Retrieve Data from Corrupted Hard Disk - Recovered Data

Fig 3: Recovered Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users